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Published: 21-09-2022

            On 18th June, 2019 CMU Chittagong Medical University rewarded a total amount of 22 lakhs as grants to researcher from its affiliated institutes. The Research Selection Committee, consisted of four members - Prof Dr Md Ismail Khan , Chairman; Prof Dr. Pradip Kumar Datta, Member; Prof. Dr. M A Hasan, Member & Dr. Hasina Nasreen , Member Secretary evaluated  73 submitted research protocols from 17 affiliated institutes and selected 32 for donation.

                           "Research Grant Giving Ceremony" Organized by Chittagong Medical University

The research papers which were given the accolade is listed as below:

  • Prof. Dr. Rahman  MM.(2019), Health and Nutrition Status of Female Garment Workers in Comilla EPZ(4).
  • Dr. Uddin MJ. (2019), Incidence and Indications of LSCS among Chattagram city slum dwellers.
  • Dr. Biswas RSR.(2019), Patterns of Smoking Behaviors among the Physicians, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Dr. Khatun M. (2019), Prevalence of pre diabetes  and associated risk factors among undergraduate medical students of Chattogram Maa O Shishu Hospital Medical college.
  • Dr. Sultana K.(2019), Status of emergency health service at major hospitals in Chattogram.
  • Dr. Ahmed MS.(2019), Study on Antimicrobial Resistance of Bacterial Pathogens Isolated from Patients with Diarrheoa .
  • Dr. Islam MK. (2019), Study on prevalence of Non Communicable Diseases among the Expatriates in Attending in Chattagram International Medical College Hospital. 
  • Dr. Harun MASI.(2019), Pain Dimension and Severity of Odontogenic and Non-odontogenic Orofacial pain.
  • Dr. Khanom M.(2019), Accuracy of Blood Pressure Measurement among Phase one and Phase four Medical College Students.
  • Dr. Bakar MA.(2019), Association of Vitiligo with Thyroid  Autoimmunity.
  • Dr. Karim AKMR. (2019), Prevalence of beta Thalassemia trait and HB-E trait in Children of Chattogram Area.
  • Dr. Bhuiyan MNH. (2019), Distribution Pattern of Colorectal Disease in South-East zone of Bangladesh.
  • Dr. Dutta PK. & Dr. Uddin MK. (2019), Prevalence of Periodontal diseases among patients with Kidney Diseases.
  • Dr. Mohsin MN. (2019), Correlation Between Fibrocan Score of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Patient With Normal ALT/AST level: A Hospital Based Study.
  • Dr. Barua SK. (2019), Establishment of Blood Pressure Nomogramisn Bangladesh Children and Adolescent-a cross-sectional study.
  • Dr. Alam MS. (2019),  Survey on events due to sea snake and related death among Bangladeshi fishermen in Bay of Bengal:A pilot Study.
  • Dr. Islam MH. (2019), Prevalence of Vit-D deficiency and associated comorbidity in the urban population :A Cross Sectional Study.
  • Dr. Arju SM. (2019), Postoperative Outcome of Inguinal Hernia Repair by Desarda Technique.
  • Dr. Meah MH (2019), Analysis of Chemical Composition of Urinary stones: A prospective study.
  • Dr. Ahmed R (2019), A comparative study of clinic bacteriological profile of sepsis between neonatal(0-28 days) and post neonatal age (29-90 days) in a private medical college hospital.
  • Dr. Afroz M (2019), A survey on prevalence and pattern of discharging ear in the ENT outpatient department of a private medical college hospital.
  • Dr. Nazneen S (2019), “New Regime of Fluid and Nutrition Management can reduce the Morality of Eclampsia”.
  • Dr. Saem AM (2019), ‘Correlation between cytomorphological and biochemical findings of lymphocytic thyroiditis’
  • Dr. Ullah EE (2019), Utility of FRAX prediction tool with or without BMD for assessment of osteoporotic fracture risk and its relation with fall risk in geriatric patients in medicine in ward of CMCH.
  • Dr. Sharma JD(2019), Efficacy of locally available low cost food in the management of severely malnourished children of urban child.
  • Prof. Dr. Ali SMA(2019), Morbidity in laparoscopic cholecystectomy in elderly patients is it higher in comparison to adult
  • Prof. Dr. Akter N(2019), Bacteriological profile and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of bacteria isolated from pus/wound swab with emphasis on detection of metallo  lactamase producing gram negative bacilli by genotypic and phenotypic methods.
  • Dr. Ahmed S(2019), Comparison between dead space closure with quilting suture versus conventional closure with drainage for the prevention of seroma after mastectomy for breast cancer: A randomized trails
  • Dr. Dev A(2019), Nutritional Status and Proportionate anemia persistence among of reproductive age in rural community of Bangladesh.
  • Dr. Dutta MK (2019), Present Status of Health Care Facility Availability and Health Seeking Behavior of Leprosy Patients Hospital of Bangladesh.
  • Dr. Hira HM (2019), Related Factors and socio-demographic differentials of rape victims attending in Forensic Medicine department of Chittagong Medical College, Bangladesh.
  • Dr. Rozario DTD (2019), Comparative Study of polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Conventional Methods For The Diagnosis of  pneumococcal meningitis in CSF of Under Five Children of Chattogram Medical College, Chattogram .



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