Bangladesh Institute of Tropical & Infectious Diseases (BITID)

Institution Code: 046

  • Dr. Md. Nasir Uddin
  • Director
  • 0244075160

Principal's Message

BITID is the only organization in Bangladesh engaged in management of tropical & infectious diseases and research activities to develop new drugs & diagnostic principles in this field. After being launched in 2013, this institute has been performing its duties properly. 

The vectors of infectious agents are proliferating due to climate change resulting from global warming. At the same time, there is increased deforestation due to increased demand for human rehabilitation, which is responsible for more interaction between human kind & wild life. This causes appearance of more zoonotic diseases in human beings. Moreover, increased migration of people across the countries of the world due to war, drought and famine leads to spread of infectious diseases worldwide. New infectious diseases are endangering our lives as well as there is re-emergence of old, already prevalent infectious diseases. 

In this context, it is necessary to develop new treatment strategies, new diagnostic principles and to educate the community for prevention of these infectious diseases. These activities are being performed properly by BITID. We hope that in near future, this institute will be a center of excellence in this field. 

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Bangladesh Institute of Tropical & Infectious Diseases (BITID) is the only organization, which is providing treatment and doing researches in the field of tropical and infectious diseases in this country. 

Once it was thought that with the help of vaccination eradicating prevalent infectious diseases are becoming within our reach. It was a great relief for us. TB, poliomyelitis, chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria and small pox( Which is totally eradicated worldwide ) etc. were in a almost controllable state. But, soon, it was revealed that new challenges are ahead. Vector proliferation due to climate change, increased deforestation due to increased demand of human rehabilitation, increased migration of people across different countries of the world due to war, drought and famine cause numerous new infectious diseases outbreak. Along with these, old, already prevalent infectious diseases are re-emerging now-days. Human kind has been facing new dangers for the last few decades due to NIPAH virus, Zika virus, Dengue, Chikunguniya, MERS virus, SARS virus, SARS Cov-2 etc. Especially COVID-19 pandemic since 2019 has been creating devastation worldwide. Old , already prevalent infectious diseases like MDR-TB, dengue and malaria are becoming worst day py day. 

In this context, B I T I D, being the only institute regarding this, is playing its role properly. In managing infection-related emergencies, this institute has tremendous success. It has properly and efficiently managed measles outbreak in Tripura Para, Sitakunda, hepatitis outbreak in Halishahar, Cholera outbreak in port area, Chattogram, managing hand-foot & mouth diseases in children and recently COVID-19 pandemic etc. So, to continue these activities and expand research activities, this institute needs to be affiliated with this medical university. 

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