Batayon - a window to glance back

Published: 20-09-2022

Batayon - a window to glance back

Chittagong Medical University being a vibrant organization performs numerous activities regularly. The quaterly newsletter of CMU – Batayon recollects the efforts and joy the employees have while performing these tasks.

                The Government of Bangladesh is adamant to accomplish the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) goals. The University is playing a significant role to achieve the third and fourth SDG goals (Good Health & Well Being, Quality Education) regionally and nationally. The quarterly newsletter is an attestation of the hard works we are doing to create a health infrastructure of global standard. The Batayon makes us fathom the huge responsibilities we are part of and makes our efforts worthwhile.

Apart from doing academic and administrative work the University celebrates national days of Bangladesh too. To upheld the consciousness of our great liberation war University encourages the participation of all the employees in the national holidays. The involvement of the employees in these occasion makes the newsletter more colorful and stimulating.

Batayon 3rd Edition

Batayon 4th Edition

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