Seminar on "Update on Dengue management" held at Chittagong Medical University

A Seminar arranged by Chittagong Medical University [CMU] to raise awareness about Dengue diseases held on 6th of Nov, 2018 at BITID Conference Hall. The Seminar was presided over by the honorable Vice Chancellor of CMU Professor Dr. Md. Ismail Khan. The keynote speaker was the director of medicine, BITID Dr. MA Hassan. Among the panel of specialists Dr. Mohammed Delwar Hossen, Director, Chittagong Medical University; Dr. Hasina Nasreen, Deputy Director, Chittagong Medical University; Dr. Hossain Rashid, Deputy Director, BITID; Dr. Mamunur Rashid, Associate Professor, BITID were also present at the seminar.

On his speech Professor Khan said “All the Health Education Institutes have to work as a common unit to fight every community diseases. We have a liability to provide better health services to people from every walk of life.” He asked to cultivate professional values among physicians to create an ideal professional health educational system which should work for all. He urged the physicians to treat the patient’s mental health as well as physical and encouraged everyone to have a vision of a “Health for All” society. The idea of a modern health education institute echoed in his voice regarding the establishment of Chittagong Medical University.

The keynote speaker Dr. MA Hassan delivered the presentation on the topic “Update on Management of Dengue”. He said “No one can escape from community diseases like dengue. So it must be prevented by social care. Everyone has to be alert and report accordingly to the government official as per need.” He shared the experience of the recent survey about Cox’s Bazar’s Dengue outbreak this year.

Dr. Mohammed Delwar Hossen. Director, CMU said “The crucial time is from May to October. We must be prepared before that”.

Dr. Hasina Nasreen , Deputy Director of CMU said “Dengue can be curable at 99% case if collective effort is applied by all the health related organization” .She went on saying “Treat the patient not the Platelet”

Dr. Hossain Rashid Deputy Director of BITID said “Dengue - It’s easy to treat but difficult to manage” thus indicating how the disease gets spread easily because of unwariness.